Youth policy



              In 2015 she graduated with honors from the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute (University) with a degree in 5B011700-Kazakh language and literature. Master of Science in Education.
             Winner of the Grand Prix of the regional competition "Bir el, bir kitap".
             3rd place in the IV republican readings of Yskak akim;
             Winner of the Grand Prix of the regional competition of oratory "Kaneki, tilim suyleshi";
            2nd place in the regional competition of masters of art reading named after Abai.
            Winner of the online competition "Best Active Jas", which took place in 2019 through a popular vote, organized by the Ońtústik TV channel.
            Poems, articles were published in district, city, regional, republican mass media.
            About the department of youth policy:
            The university has a youth policy department since 2011. Its main task is to coordinate public youth organizations and associations. The department of youth policy shows active, talented students, develops various projects for student youth, organizes debate tournaments, various actions, flash mobs, organizes training seminars, competitions among the leaders of student government.
            Comprehensive development and formation of students' creative potential are also important for other public organizations of the university. Today, the following student organizations and associations work in the department of youth policy:
            Student administration;
            Front Office "Generation Conscious";
            Youth wing "Zhas Otan" NDP "Nur Otan";
            Debate Center "Bolashak";
            Volunteer organization "SKMPU Zhiger";
            Friendship organization "Circle of Friendship";
            Women's club "LOTUS";
             Their activities have their own rules, work plans and a list of members.
             The main document governing the ethical rules of student behavior is the "Code of honor of SKSPU students".
Student youth of the university, being a member of the Republican and local youth organization, actively participates in the implementation of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, university students are members of the Republican student movement "Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan", created with the support of the youth wing "Zhas Otan", the Ministry of Education and Science RK. In Shymkent, this organization has united more than 12 higher and secondary educational institutions in its ranks. SKSPU leaders, "Student, how is your life?" , "Student, how to eat?", "Prevent corruption", "do not allow drugs", as well as the patriotic education of youth "this is our anthem!" , "This is our flag!" , "This is our coat of arms!", "Youth to the native country!" Takes an active part in other events.
             An educational program "Kazakhstani way-2050: common goal, common interests, common future" was drawn up (decision of the Academic Council, minutes No. 5 of February 26, 2014).
A media plan for a meeting of young people with famous scientists and figures of education and society was approved (decision of the Academic Council, minutes No. 1 of August 29, 2014).
            In order to assist young people in employment, provide additional services to strengthen interaction with employers, the department for career guidance and employment of graduates annually holds a job fair "young specialist", which is an effective way of employing young professionals who have completed only professional practice and have no other experience.
In order to preserve the rights, freedoms and interests of students, develop democracy and improve partnerships between students and leaders of the institute, since 2011, the student administration has been working with the Regulations on the administration and its structure: the rector of the university meets with students without interruption, monthly takes part in meetings of student activists , discusses issues about the organization of social life of students, their research and creative potential - the general student life.
            The effectiveness of the work of student self-government at the university is carried out both after each session and through an independent student questionnaire and questionnaire, and through the "mail and helpline".
The role of youth organizations in the university is strong, actively participates in events, interacts in an equal "student-student" system.
            The efficiency of educational work of the university, as well as the system of partnership "student-teacher", is increasing.
The university constantly monitors the effectiveness of educational work. After the reporting period, the tutors of the study groups submit a written report on educational work. Also, the daily work of the mentors is represented by the mentor's journal and the protocols of the curatorial hours. There are supporting materials.
The methodology and work of the curators of study groups contribute to the development of students as a creative person, self-education, the formation of moral qualities, and the assimilation of social experience.
In SKSPU, special attention is paid to the independent work of students. For each discipline of the curriculum, at least one semester assignment or course of work is provided. The organization of the IWS is carried out in accordance with the work plans, subject sections of the self-mastering materials.
            A system of informational management of the educational process (OMS) has been created, the management of the educational process is effectively organized.
            At the university, the research department annually holds student scientific conferences with faculties and departments in all specialties.
          The University annually organizes intellectual and scientific seminars, Olympiads, round tables for students, as well as university students take part in republican Olympiads and projects, intellectual debates "Bolashak", intellectual game "leader of SKSPU", archaeological and educational seminar organized by Professor A.N. Podushkin, KVN competitions among students among scientific schools, etc.
The university leadership is constantly working to help students from low-income families, support creative youth and young spotross students.