Student Rector



Student rector - Aptykai Ayan Bakytzhanovich

Student Vice Rector for Academic Affairs - Abyz Zhansulu 

Student Vice Rector for educational work - Janyl Begalykyzy

Student Vice Rector for Research - Toktamys Nurbolat 

Chairman of the Trade Union - Pazylkhan Asylzat Pazylkhanovna

Student Dean of the Faculty of Physics-Mathematics - Slayhan Akdidar

Student Dean of the Faculty of Philology - Zhaksybek Zhanna

Student Dean of the Faculty of Natural History - Nurmakhanova Ayana Umiraevna

Student Dean Humanitarian – Faculty - Saparbek Indira

Student Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport - Raushanova Sharaina

              Obligations of the student administration:             

              The main goal of student management is to improve the quality of teaching, discipline, coordination and administrative work in the educational process.

             - Support and facilitate the implementation of important student initiatives;

             - Ensuring the active participation of students in the life of the faculty, university, textbooks and all-round support of families, single students;

             - Conducting effective work to prevent corruption among students;

             - Organization of regular monitoring of students' opinions on the quality of the educational process by means of sociological surveys, student questionnaires;

            - Support and support education, discipline and organization in the university;

            - Demonstration of the rights and obligations of students, participation in the resolution of disputes and conflicts;

            - Participate in the development of proposals to improve the quality of the educational process with the accounting of scientific and professional responsibility of students;

           - Тo facilitate the conduct of effective research, the development of research skills of students;

           - Development of the principles of social partnership, achieving mutual understanding between students and teachers, as well as the administration of the university;

          - To analyze and study the social position of students with disabilities, underprivileged students and to make appropriate recommendations;

          - Development of effective anti-corruption methods at the university level;

         - Student administration in its work interacts with all student deans, organizations, clubs and members of the student union.